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  • Parents of children with sensitive skin tend to use all possible methods, but most of the methods are not suitable
    for their child, or the effects are temporary. With the empathy for the parents with such experiences,
    the Atomu skin care products were released.

    Based on scientifically proven papers as well as folk remedies for sensitive skin, we extract more than a dozen natural ingredients,
    such as oak extract and royal jelly by boiling them as little as possible to maintain the beneficial ingredients for the skin.
    After several refining operations and long fermentation and aging, we tried not to leave unnecessary components.

    Atomu essence is a "natural fermentation cosmetics" that is made to transmit the natural healing ingredients to the skin.

    In order to deliver the healthy energy of nature to the skin in an optimized state, Atomu tries to approach the fundamental
    solution of skin health by countless repetitions and waiting.
  • Atomu essence helps the beneficial ingredients of nature and vital energy to be delivered to the skin.
    Atomu does not bring change to our skin with mechanical classification or simple chemical composition,
    but we strive to make our products close to natural components. Atomu skin care series contains the natural fermentation essence.